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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Muslim Republican for Congress from California - Omar Qudrat

As the immigrants integrate with the society and become one with it, then, it will be hard to distinguish between the born and new Americans. They will display the same characteristics ranging from extreme right to moderate and to the left as traditional Republicans and Democrats.

Here is an example of one immigrant, a Muslim going to the extreme in supporting Trump's tactics. They gain support from those who have to hate someone or the other, they create an imaginary enemy and fight against it, and there are enough people to fall for that. 

Here is Omar Qudrat, as reported by WND, World News Daily, another right-wing website in the likes of Breitbart.

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Mike Ghouse 

Republican congressional candidate Omar Qudrat
Republican congressional candidate Omar Qudrat
A Muslim running for Congress in California said he backs President Trump’s policies on immigration and terrorism and condemns groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations because they pose a threat to the nation’s security.
Omar Qudrat, who is running in the 52nd congressional district in the San Diego area, told Breitbart News Tonight that “radical Islamic terrorism is a real threat to our nation,” pointing to a “multi-component effort to try to undermine and destroy the United States and its allies.”
“That includes organizations that hold themselves out as advocacy groups,” Qudrat said, referring to CAIR.
CAIR, founded by Muslim Brotherhood operatives, was named by federal prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas-funding operation, and the Arab Gulf state United Arab Emirates declared it a terrorist organization.

Qudrat told the Breitbart radio show he opposes groups “that try to use our own laws against ourselves, and weaponize our Constitution against itself.”
“I am against Shariah law,” he said, referring to Islamic law and its supremacist political prescriptions. “It is unconstitutional, period. It has no place in the United States. It has no place anywhere in the world.”
Qudrat, along with several other Republican candidates, is running against incumbent Democrat Scott Peters. The Cook Partisan Voting Index sees the Democrats holding a six-point advantage in the race. Qudrat has been endorsed by the San Diego County GOP and several incumbent Republican members of Congress.

He told Breitbart he favors Trump’s wall and his policy of suspending immigration from countries where residents can’t be properly vetted for terrorism.

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