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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Blind Support for Clinton and Trump

There is nothing one can do if you believed in Bill Clinton, or believe in Donald Trump. Facts don’t matter to you, indeed, if we are friends and family, we should stand up for their rights without hesitation, but we should be cautious in blindly defending others.

Fighting against Mueller investigations clearly tells indicates that you want your beloved man protected regardless of facts; all it shows is blind support. Mueller is Republican and when he was appointed to head the investigations, the Republicans had nothing but praise for his integrity and honesty, now that he is unearthing the facts; he has become a bad guy to the very same people. Comey was Republican and Trump lavished praises on him for releasing that report ten days before the elections that knocked Hillary out.
Russian meddling is real, and I missed being trapped into Russian bait – there is a report in Wall Street Journal about it. I wrote about possible meddling in India’s elections as well.

Clinton supporters argued, screamed and did everything while the investigations were going on. Now if you hear Judge Jeanine on Fox news, she represents the height of stupidity, my own friend Sean Hannity wants to get rid of investigations – why Sean? What are you afraid of? Let facts roll in, and if Trump is innocent the facts will show, if not, why defend? Ari on CNN is anti-Trump without all the facts.

CPAC straw poll is as useless as anything out there. An overwhelming majority of the attendees are hardcore supporters of Trump –from his base. Do you expect anyone to vote differently? Take the poll in the public from general public; you will have much better indications.

We are the land of the brave and not bullies, we are the land of the free and not bonded to politicians. I am looking for free people, those who are independent and capable of seeing the good, bad and ugly on both sides. I have spoken against Hillary, Romney, McCain, Obama, and Trump while appreciating the goodness in them.

You cannot be Goddamned free if you cannot see the faults of your political leaders. What do we want, Truth or Trump? 

A decade ago, we had less than 5% of the people who were independent, now In Gallup's most recent analysis, 42 percent of Americans identify as independent, compared with 29 percent who say they are Democrats and 26 percent who say they are Republicans.

Should we have an association of independents? Who can field and endorse candidates from all parties, but based on serving America and not serving their own interests?
Mike Ghouse
An Independent patriot American