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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Senator Graham was told to shut up by Senator Feinstein

Fellow Republicans,
If you are the ones with your head buried in the sand, take it out. It is embarrassing to see Republicans are making a laughing stock of themselves.
Senator Graham, a fellow Republican is making an ass of himself, we the Republicans need to ask him to shut up as well, he is going to drown the GOP with his idiotic line of questioning.  If we don't do it, it is one more nail in our coffin.

May be this is self-deportation at works in 2014.  Any Democract can win against this man.

Same thing with that loser McCain.

 Mike Ghouse, a moderate Republican who cares about the America and a strony two party system and believes in speaking up when things are wrong.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ted Cruz, you are doomed!

The more stupidity one displays, greater the respect he/she commands among the lead Republicans. If Ted Cruz keeps this up, he is doomed. Americans have been awakened, Republicans are still sleeping and living in their own world of fantasy with a disconnect with even Republicans.

ted cruz
As a Republican, I condemn his aggressiveness towards Hagel, and I hope the media will dig up about him and give him his own medicine. We don't need to reward creepy behavior.

I regret voting for this Cruz.

Mike Ghouse

Friday, February 15, 2013

Republican Talibans


As a Republican I strongly condemn this non-sense bill by fellow Republicans in North Carolina, to regulate what a woman can wear or not.  Where is the bloody freedom of expression? Are these  control freaks competing with the Taliban's ?

First they wanted women to be obedient to husbands,
Next they wanted a woman to stay home and raise kids,

They were not in favor of equal pay for women 
If they had their way,  they will take away women's choices ,

.... Now they want to regulate what a woman can wear
Next is burqa or banning a woman from becoming president

Women, rise up, and dump us, until we come to our senses.
We the republicans don't deserve to be in governance, 
We believe government is to regulate people.

Where are the opportunists like Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Brigitte Gabriel and their likes? Had it been a Muslim even talking about it, they would have fooled the fools, and all the right wing Republicans would have screamed sharia, Sharia, Sharia!

This is the stupidity we the Republicans need to stand up against, and scream out loud enough to drown these Voices. If not, by our affiliation with the party, we  will earn us the title dumbos who know nothing about biology, sociology, science or Maths or equal rights.

As a Republican I strongly condemn this non-sense by fellow Republicans,  lets get the hell out being control freaks.

Mike Ghouse
Moderate Republican

 Topless women could get prison time under North Carolina proposal | Fox News

RALEIGH, N.C. –  A bill that could send women to prison for going topless in public appears headed for approval by the North Carolina legislature.

The Republican-backed bill headed to a floor vote in the House would amend the state's indecent exposure law to expand the legal definition of "private parts" to explicitly include "the nipple, or any portion of the areola, or the female breast."

Depending on whether such exposure is judged to be "for the purpose of arousing or gratifying sexual desire," the woman could be charged with a felony, punishable by up to six months in prison for first-time offenders. More mundane exposure would be a misdemeanor meriting up to 30 days in jail.

Co-sponsor Rep. Rayne Brown, R-Davidson, told members of the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that her bill was triggered by topless rallies promoting women's equity that were held during the last two years in Asheville. Though her district is more than a two-hour drive from Asheville, Brown said her constituents are concerned whether the topless protests are legal.

Many cities have local ordinances barring women from going topless, but Asheville does not. Brown said a blanket solution is needed to give law enforcement officers statewide the clear authority to make arrests when nipples are exposed. The proposed bill leaves in place exceptions for "incidental" nipple exposure by breastfeeding mothers and retains the ability of local governments to regulate sexually oriented nightclubs.

"There's some confusion about the law," Brown said. "I think our state deserves clarity on this issue."

That confusion is rooted in a 1970 ruling by the state Court of Appeals that the term "private parts," as then specified in state law, did not include breasts. In 1998, the N.C. Supreme Court suggested that earlier interpretation might not be expansive enough, citing an American Heritage Dictionary definition of "private parts" as "external organs of sex and excretion." 

A separate state law specifically outlaws "sexually explicit nudity," including nipples, exposed in the presence of minors. But it is not clear whether the exposure of breasts as part of a political protest could be defined as sexual.

Two Democrats on the Judiciary Committee questioned whether the issue really rises to a level requiring legislative action.

Rep. Nathan Baskerville, D-Vance, reiterated that any city or county having a problem with public toplessness is free to pass a local ordinance.

Rep. Annie W. Mobley, D-Hertford, suggested a woman wanting get around the proposed law could simply cover her nipples with tape.

"You know what they say, duct tape fixes everything," agreed Rep. Tim Moore, R-Cleveland.

The committee voted to recommend the bill to the House floor, with only Baskerville voting no. The measure would still need approval from the Republican-controlled N.C. Senate before heading to the governor's desk.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So what if Brenan is a Muslim - Part 2

I agree with you, it does not suit me to use the expletive, and I humbly acknowledge it.

My apologies to you and others who have expressed their dislike or not.

The note was in response to the calls, Sean Hannity announces my website and his text goes out to a million of his followers, many of whom are following me as well as chasing me. I was getting non-stop calls from all over the United States as if I am the Pope of Muslims. Nagging questions like, he (Brenan) is a Muslim in closet, he has connections to God knows, what are you going to do about it.... and did you know he is a Moslem?

My response to that question was the title of the topic, so I captioned the article to make the point. So what if he is? Actually Collin Powell had used the same phrase minus the expletive.

Now, to your other question, perhaps because you don't have the first knowledge of what I do (as a volunteer); Here is the elaboration of the response I wrote to my other Indian friends, with whom I connect fairly well and respect.

" (name) ______,  I was equally mad when a council man in Dallas pointed his finger at the other and said "You  people" to a Jewish man. I was outraged and wrote that in Dallas Morning News in 2005. When Bush did not sign the bill to allow the Wicca (another religious tradition) Veterans in Arlington Cemetery to have their own headstone, I went ballistic. When the state Senator Williams of Kentucky called the Governor names for participating in Bhoomi Puja in E-Town, I was jumped all over him and wrote in Huffington post, when the Pastor from Kansas called Jews, Christ Killers and staged rallies in front of the Holocaust Museum and a few synagogues and Texas Jewish post, I was there with the Jews protesting against the pastor.. . I have worked with the Dept of Justice to include Jain symbol in their symbols of religions, have held the rallies against the Gujarat massacre and held a program about Sikh and Bangladeshi Genocides…

Yes, we have condemned strongly against the plight of Hindu Pundits of Kashmir in our Holocaust and Genocides programs...wrote and generated calls to the Russian embassy in DC to pull back the ban they were working on banning Bhagvad Gita, challenged Moscow for usurping the Hare Krishna Temple land, condemned the desecration of temple in Trinidad, condemned and wrote to the Minister of Malaysia to punish those idiots who threw the head of a bull in the Temple in Kuala Lumpur... 15 years ago, I got threatening calls from a few right winger Catholics for defending the bishop in Lisbon who allowed a Hindu couple to get married in the church and they place Ganesh Icon on the altar, which got the bishop fired...and I got nasty calls from some of the idiots, they said, shame on you to defend the idol worshippers. It is easy to back off isn’t it, that is what most chickens do, thank God; I will not be pushed around when it comes to standing up for others.

Nanak, no one asked me to do this, Hindus did not ask, Jains did not ask, Christians did not ask, Jews did not ask... I did it because it is the right thing to do. It is not just them, when someone attacks a Muslim for his religion I will fiercely go after him, and I have gone after Sunnis in Bahrain for being brutal to their Shias, Armadas in Pakistan, Bangladeshi and Indonesia, even here...  We hold a lot of interfaith dialogues, no one pays me or asks me, but I always include all religions, Hinduism, your faith is never missed in my writings. Look at Dallas Morning news – 112 articles, Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Islam, Judaism… are all weaved in each article.

I hope you will stand up for every one regardless of their religion, if you have stood up for a Jain, Sikh, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew, Buddhist, Baha’i, Adivasi, Dalit…  please share, we need more people who do that to change the world.

After I finish compiling all others, I will compile what I have done for the oppressed among Muslims. Since it is my religion, I am doing at the end. 

Aren’t you and I taught in India, that you feed the guests first and eat in the end, did not your mother and my mother ate after all the family was fed?  I am doing nothing different than that, and I hope my fellow Muslims understand that.

Unless we stand up for others, why should anyone stand up for us?

Please share your experience of standing up for Jains, Sikhs, Muslims, Adivasis, Tribals, Dalits, Bahai, Jews, Christians and others... it is good to hear that.

The pope resigned today, and hopes the new one will be open to all faiths and not be biased against any. I was going to write about it in Dallas Morning News on Monday, but simply ran out of time. Some ten years ago, the Baptist convention in Atlanta had said bad things about Hinduism, I had written to their convention at that time, and I have faced off with their president from two years ago in defending Catholics on the national radio.

I request each one of us not to judge others without knowing or hearing the hearsay.

Thank you.

  .... Mike Ghouse is a speaker, thinker and a writer on pluralism, politics, peace, Islam, Israel, India,interfaith, and cohesion at work place. He is committed to building a Cohesive America and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day at He believes in Standing up for others and has done that throughout his life as an activist. Mike has a presence on national and local TV, Radio and Print Media. He is a frequent guest on Sean Hannity show on Fox TV, and a commentator on national radio networks, he contributes weekly to the Texas Faith Column at Dallas Morning News; fortnightly at Huffington post; and several other periodicals across the world. His personal site indexes all his work through many links. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

So fucking what if John Brenan is a Muslim?


As a Muslim I am sick of the radicals among us, and as a Republican I am sick of the radicals among us. The one gratifying fact is, we can find them all quarantined in one cess pool of GOP. Thank God much of the GOP is clean, and it is time for us to pray for these sickos.


It is time for us, chicken shit moderate Republicans to speak up before they ruin the GOP and lose the house in 2014. We need Patriotic Republicans to speak up for the sake of our nation. The majority of us Republicans are good, caring sensible moderate humans.

As a Muslim, I was sick of the radicals among us who attempted to take over and represent Islam with their extremism label, and it took us nearly ten years to condemn them to retreat. We still have many years to subdue them, but we do have the balls to do it over a period of time for the sake of common good of humanity. This is the decade of moderation, and caring for the whole humanity.

As a Republican, I will do my share of the common good and urge fellow Republicans to do the same; we owe it to our nation to preserve a strong two party system through legitimate arguments and discussions. We need to speak out against filth, and shout out against the rhetoric like John Brenan is a Muslim, so what if he is? What the fuck is your problem?

Statistically these radicals are insignificant in numbers; they are not even a sample to call them a representation of the group. It would be dumb on our part to encourage them to believe that they express the sentiments of the people, they are not, and we need the polls.  Whether they are Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Republicans or Democrats or the other, they will continue to terrorize the majority of their respective group, if we let them.

Not a day goes without some dumb-ass fellow Republican making an ass of himself and sadly herself as well. I was going to write a journal on the stupidities of my party members… then gave up; it will take up all day long. I do hope more and more Americans will see the ugliness.

It is time for Chris Christie, John Huntsman, Colin Powell and their likes to jump in. I do expect President Obama and Speaker Boehner to speak out against this, wouldn't you?

First they came for Muslims, and I did not speak up,
because I was not one of "them";

Then  they came for Jews, and I did not speak up,
because I was not one of "them".

They exhausted Mexicans, African Americans and Catholics,
and I did not care, because I was a protestant.

Finally they ambushed me, and shamelessly I am cursing at the others
for not giving a shit about me.

I have rarely used an expletive, that is not me, but I could not express my frustration without these words, I cannot see my America shattered by the few ugly ones.

Brenan on Islam - 

.... Mike Ghouse is a speaker, thinker and a writer on pluralism, politics, peace, Islam, Israel, India, interfaith, and cohesion at work place. He is committed to building a Cohesive America and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day at He believes in Standing up for others and has done that throughout his life as an activist. Mike has a presence on national and local TV, Radio and Print Media. He is a frequent guest on Sean Hannity show on Fox TV, and a commentator on national radio networks, he contributes weekly to the Texas Faith Column at Dallas Morning News; fortnightly at Huffington post; and several other periodicals across the world. His personal site indexes all his work through many links.