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Friday, November 20, 2015

Muslims rally against ISIS on the steps of Lincoln memorial


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American Muslims against ISIS gather up on the steps of Lincoln Memorial

Washington, DC, November 19, 2015 – Muslims around the world and particularly Americans Muslims have been sick of the terrorists, particularly the ISIS and the Al-Qaeda guys ever since they started terrorizing the lives of innocent people. We mourn the loss of lives in France, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Nigeria and elsewhere in the world and firmly stand against the terrorists.

Given the short notice prior to the Thanksgiving weekend, the Muslims of Washington, DC have organized a gathering of Americans of different faiths to come together on the steps of Lincoln Memorial and make the statements of condemnations.
We hope this event effectively conveys a message to the terrorists that the world is against them, and that we are all in this together; opposing terrorism and condemning ISIS.  

You are all invited to join us on the steps of Lincoln Memorial:

The purpose of this gathering is to send a clear message to the ISIS and their ilk, that American Muslims are angry about their actions. They are to be charged for the violations of human rights, forcing women into slavery, conversions at gun point, harassment of Christians, Yazidis, Shias, Jews, Sunnis and other minorities, and most certainly creating chaos and abusing the name of Islam. 

We cannot tolerate any of these acts and we urge our president to speak out in behalf of fellow humans,  and give them three days notice to back off, surrender, and repent for their actions or face the consequences.

We invite Americans of all faiths and no faiths to join us in standing up against ISIS.  Yes, we the Muslims are as angry as average American. Indeed, we are all in this together.

We pledge that we are one nation under the flag, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Please join us on the steps of Lincoln Memorial.

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We will be listing as many participating organizations as we can. Please send an email with the name of your organization, website and your phone number,  and we will add to the list below.

01. ADAMS Center, All Dulles Area Muslim Society
02. American Muslim Institution, Washington, DC
03. Washington Area Jews for Jewish Muslim Understanding
04. Geotrees, An Intercultural Crossroads for the History of the Future
05. Islamic Community Center of Potomac
06. Foundation for Pluralism
07. The world Organization for Resources development and Education.
08. Muslims for Peace, Justice and Progress 
09. United Maryland Muslim Council
10. Howard County Muslim Council
11. UMA Interfaith Alliance
12. Muslim Community Center of Maryland
13. Montgomery County Muslim Foundation
14. Islamic Center of Greater Toledo 
15. Islamic Center of Long Island
16. IMANA International Collaboration
17. UMMAA Broadcasting
18. Hillside Islamic Center New Hyde Park NY

We appreciate the PSA announcements from Stuart Varney and Jennie Lubart of Fox News and we invite them to cover this event. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

4th Republican Presidential Debate Tonite -11.10.15

They build expensive glamorous sets, don’t they! It’s like the wedding dress; the woman spends big time money to wear that dress just for a few hours! 

It will be held in Milwaukee, WI, not the wedding, but the debate. No single candidate has emerged as the leader from the earlier debates, and I don’t see an improvement this time either.
The mistake media has made is to put everyone on the stage, 10 of them; last time Trump got a total of 9 Minutes in the 2 hours debate, others got 8 minutes or less. Instead, if they choose the top 3, each one will get at least 20-35 minutes to tell us who they are.
If the candidates have not made it to the top 3 this far out in to the campaign, they should not hog the time from the legitimate others.
In my view the top 3 should be: Trump, Carson and Rubio. All others have to go back and earn their spot, and may be if they can crawl back up with the numbers, they could be included in the 4th round of debates.
Carson will not make it in the end; he lives under a halo or something and continues to cook up unverifiable stories about his youth. Trump is good on shutting others up in a hurry, but do we need that kind of President who would not listen to any one? Personally, I would have preferred another brash guy, but at least he makes sense; Chris Christie. I am not sure about Rubio; he is dilly dallying on issues.
I think Trump would be the nominee competing with Hillary on the other side. What do you think?

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