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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Exclusion will boomerang on Trump.

Have you ever been kept out of a conversation, activity or discussion? Was that a good feeling? Did you lose interest? Doesn’t this happen among family members, at the workplace, in the communities and the nations?
If you exclude someone, you can witness how their energies are geared up in ready-to-get-even mode, a lot of us spend our energies in getting even instead of enjoying life. They will leak the information so someone else can get even. These are unwanted battles we all battle daily.
The best option is to include people, some of them are a pain in the ass, but once you get them in, you’ll have their energy for the common good of the organization. It’s a tough call, but sure path to success.

Here is a great example from today

Democrats were not invited to DOJ briefing on FBI informant on this Thursday; it will have its own impact on Trump. What bullies understand is another bully; Democrats need a man like Trump who can lie comfortably, and boldly say anything that comes to his mouth with no regard for consequence. Chuck Schumer, Senate minority leaders has demanded that is bullshit; he should pound on the table to push to be included. After all, we are the government of people and not government of Republicans.

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