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Friday, May 15, 2015

Next president animal or human?

This part is from my article in Dallas Morning News to be published tomorrow. "Think about it, when God created animals, he equipped them with horns, fangs and paws to resolve the disputes with fellow animals, where as he did not give any of that to us - but gave us a tongue instead; to dialogue and resolve conflicts. "

To stop uncontrollable aggression by the others, war may be needed as the very very last resort; otherwise, it shows we have not evolved from an animal to human. Those who seek war are incapable of dialoguing, they cannot think beyond bombing, killing, subduing and pushing others. We the faith leaders need to communicate that and take an assertive stand against wars and war mongers. 

Thanks to Obama, perhaps the first non-war monger president in a 50 year period, who has used intelligence to dialogue and resolve the issues rather than bomb, bomb and mess up others and mess up ourselves.  He has avoided wars and continues to seek dialogue.

On my part, I have decided to assertively campaign against war monger candidates, those whose brain cannot think peace and dialogue. On domestic policy, if any one of the candidate carry a divisive language instead of cohesive language, we will have to nail that SOB or B. 

Mike Ghouse, 
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