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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Clooney said the same thing I said back on November 4

Here it is:

Obama pulled the country out of disaster, unemployment is low, he passed equal pay for women act, but Republicans have rejected it. | The GDP has leaped forwards to 4.6% | Gas prices are below $3, how many people will thank him during the thanksgiving and Christmas holidays | Home foreclosures have gone down | 10 million new jobs have been created | Budget deficit is in checks | He will leave a good solid infrastructure of roads and bridges to last for another 30 years | Imagine the Romney presidency, he would have bombed Iran, but screwed American to the end, he would have finished the wreck Bush left, thanks to Obama for saving Americans from another disaster.

Obama has an impressive record but his folks did not make a big deal out of these and let themselves run down by the Republicans.

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