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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bad News for America

As the counting had begun, I wrote the following posts on the Facebook


  • Gregg Abbot - though I did not vote for you, you are the governor. Your statements about women were not polished at all, and I am surprised Texas women voted for you. Hell, you are the governor, just behave. 

  • Wendy Davis, it was a good effort, a Democrat would have been better for the sake of women's rights. There is the next time; it is a significant achievement for your party. Don't wait for three more years, begin your campaign now. 
  • John Cronyn, I did not vote for you, but hope you serve our great state of Texas
  • Kenny Marchant,  I voted for you, congratulations keep us represented well
  • Pete Sessions, my support has been there for you will continue, congratulations
  • Louis Gohmert – I am surprised at your win, you are an embarrassment to Texas
  • Mark Veasey – Congratulations, you have the sincerity to serve your constituents
  • Eddie Bernice Johnson – Congratulations, you are the longest serving congressperson
  • Keith Ellison, congratulations, it’s a great victory against the bigot Daggett.
  • Michelle Bachman – good riddance, glad not to see your name.
  • Mitch McConnel -A reluctant congratulations, just be graceful to the people for giving you a chance. Don't F_up things that are in place, just empty your hate for Obama, show some respect for the current president, if not how can you expect Americans to respect you.

Man it feels, good to be independent - to be able to congratulate both Republican and Democratic candidates and chew them out too.

Rush Limbaugh has said (2012), that  a Good republican cannot even say good things about Obama and he did not like John Huntsman for praising Obama. He defined a good republican to be an asshole. That is the kind of creepiness creeping into the party. 

Well, I am proud to be an American - it is a great tradition to watch the winners and the losers graceful acknowledge each other


I am saddened with the outcomes, we the people will lose out in the next two years.  We are making a mistake in giving both the houses to the same party. The assholes will become arrogant and pass crazy bills, remembers all the wars and bad things have happened when both the houses were with the same party – either Republican or Democrat.

Senate 47 v 42- Republicans just need 4 out of the 11 to get the majority.
House 176 v 102 – Republicans need 42 seats and they will get it.
Prayer is all we can do – God bless America

I was hoping the Senate to remain with Democrats and house with Republicans – they need to work, they need to debate and fight on every bill instead of dunking it. Americans will lose out with this scenario. We have to be responsible to keep checks and balances in place.  Never again should we give them a pass.


At this moment, Republicans got 51 senate seats and 218 house seats!

Tomorrow, Mitch McConnell will be out on the path of destruction. I am afraid; we will face some nasty decisions in the next two years - We made the mistake of giving both the houses to the same party - Never again! God save America.

They are anxious to bomb Iran and weaken America, all the good we have achieved together as Americans will be torn up. They will pile up the budget deficits and finish America. Those SOB' have nothing to lose, it is the average American, that is you and I who would lose. We have to be guardful of them now. God Bless America!


Obama pulled the country out of disaster, unemployment is low, he passed equal pay for women act, but Republicans have rejected it. | The GDP has leaped forwards to 4.6% | Gas prices are below $3, how many people will thank him during the thanksgiving and Christmas holidays | Home foreclosures have gone down | 10 million new jobs have been created | Budget deficit is in checks | He will leave a good solid infrastructure of roads and bridges to last for another 30 years | Imagine the Romney presidency, he would have bombed Iran, but screwed American to the end, he would have finished the wreck Bush left, thanks to Obama for saving Americans from another disaster.

Obama has an impressive record but his folks did not make a big deal out of these and let themselves run down by the Republicans.

Mike Ghouse, independent voter
Mike Ghouse is a public speaker, thinker, writer and a commentator on Pluralism at work place, politics, religion, society, gender, race, culture, ethnicity, food and foreign policy. He is commentator on Fox News and syndicated Talk Radio shows and a writer at major news papers including Dallas Morning News and Huffington Post.  All about him is listed in several links at and his writings are and 10 other blogs. He is committed to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day. 

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