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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Should I remain a Republican?

This is has been one of most difficult decisions for me. I was hoping to find anchors to hang on to the Republican Party – it is a good party, but sadly taken over by extremists. I did not take the time to become active in the party machinery to make a point and do my share of work in fixing the rogue elements or at least speak out against the bad guys and go on the record.

I have been a Republican since 1984, but since 2006, I have not heard any republican who can talk peace, all they want to do is bomb, kill and destroy – they are not builders anymore. They always hate someone or the other. You rarely find them in interfaith gathering… or peace meetings. They have voted against equal pay for women – and how can women vote for these guys? They are anti-many things… is there a hope that we will have some sensible guy among them to lead?

I am the kind who believes in freedom of speech, you mind your own business, let me mind my own, but let's be responsible for keeping the societal balance in tact, I believe in responsible capitalism, where we do not take advantage of things for our gains at the cost of others and the environment. Let me not be a pain in the butt for you, nor should you be one to me. I am against Republican prejudices towards others.

Can a Republican share what is good about the current GOP? I have written over two dozen pieces how good it “was” or “is” in theory, but is it good and practical now? Is the party in sync with the public sentiment of inclusiveness?

Mike Ghouse

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