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Friday, October 31, 2014

I voted today, early voting on 10.31.14

It was a smooth process!  I asked Google, “Where do I vote today” – it responded with the address of Marsh Lane Baptist Church on Royal at Marsh Ln, that is where I went.

Had a nice conversation with the folks in the line and inside the voting room, I sought permission from the precinct Judge to take pictures and here are a few.  It was all efficient… within a few minutes it was all done.

Outside the building,   I talked to people if they went straight party line or chose the individuals – the answer was pleasant – all the 14 people responded that they chose to vote individually.  That’s how it should be, voting for the individual and that takes time to go through the entire list, if you chose party, it is just one single click.  I hope it is a trend!  How did you vote?

Among the biggies, I voted Wendy, Alameel – democrats and Marchant – a Republican and then for the state representative and senator I went with Democrats but among judges, went with the Republicans I knew, others went democrat. I was surprised with a page full of names of only Democrat judges on the ballot without contest; the same was with Republican judges on some pages.  That easy?
I have always shared who I voted. We don’t need to play games to be politically correct, you are who you are, and I am who I am and we need to learn to accept each other. If someone does not like you for the way you voted, and don’t want to be friends, their friendship was shallow anyway, and I say good riddance.

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