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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Where are the Good Republicans?

If the good Republicans don't speak out against the current culture of supporting and campaigning rapist, p**** grabbers and misogynists - they will pay a heavy price in 2018. May be they deserve it as they have become arrogant. Does character mean anything to the Republicans anymore? That is how they are being perceived now and will be believed as a party of immorality in 2018 mid-term elections.
If the good Democrats cannot take the lead and ask Bill Clinton to apologize and ask Senator Franken and Coneyer to resign immediately or proceed to get them out, who will? Democrats have an opportunity to restore morality in governance. Republicans won't do it until their arrogant majority is taken out in 2018.
Shame on Pastor Robert Jeffress and slick willies like him who are abusing Jesus's teaching and approving immorality. You guys are disrespectful of women's testimony. Aren't women equal to men?
Republicans wake up, every dog has his day. You are earning a lot of resentment from fellow Americans by supporting vulgar men like Roy Moore.

Mike Ghouse

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