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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Iran-Us Relations and my Notes

It  is good to have multiple views of a given situation, so we can see different of truth to choose from. No matter what Netanyahu screams and fill our ears, here are the facts:

1. Iran has not attacked any nation as long as we are in existence
2. Iran defended Iraq's aggression that we propped
3. Iran was our friend till 1979 - it cannot become a foe on a flip of coin
4. When Shah was booted out, we supported him instead of the people
5. Neither they, nor we offered hands of friendship to repair relations
6. We had equal hostility towards them as they had for us
7. How do you expect things to change
8. Obama believes in dialogue, where as some believe in wars
9. Obama is a builder of a cohesive world
Netanyahu on the other hand has lied to us several times, it is all available on the net. He is bad news for Israel more than he is for us. I hope the Israelis dump him on 3/17 for their own good. I have no earthly idea why we believe him rather than our president, who has done nothing but good for our country. 

Here is what happened by listening to Mr. Netanyahu as well as Cheney's ways.

01. Clinton left a surplus
02. Bush - left a $10 Trillion deficit to satisfy his falsities
03. His decision killed over 6000 American soldiers 
04. 43 Million people lost their jobs,
05. Homes and businesses were foreclosed.
06. Obama turned around every thing
07. Lowest unemployment now
08. Reducing budget deficit annually
09. No wars and destruction
10. Romney would have finished America by bombing Iran
11. He has not thrown our soldiers in harms way, instead called'me back
12. He has put the system in place to have healthier Americans 
13. He will be leaving behind better roads and bridges for years to come

We should be honest with our morality and thank the guy instead of harass him. Shame on those few creeps who are wasting our monies in harassing him instead of doing their work. America will not forgive these men. 

Obama will go down as the one of the most effective Presidents in our history, may be top 10. 
Mike Ghouse

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