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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Republican response towards Obama about Bergdahl


My response to a note from a friend, “we need to be fair and rational about it. President Reagan had done the same thing - remember Contra deals? Others have done too, why pick on Obama? Are we Republicans don’t have anything substantial to offer to the nation that we pick on him?

This is one of my friends writing, “Hey Mike, I had a request from a friend who to ask you what you think about Obama trading Bergdahl - who is a deserter, for the five worst Taliban terrorists. She had seen you on Hannity at some point and knew that I knew you. So I told her I would ask.

This is the one thing that could cinch it for Obama to be arrested for Treason because he also paid the group where Bergdahl had gone to $5 million to release him and they were NOT the Taliban.

Mike Ghouse

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