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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Republican Mess about Ukraine

The following is one of the best expressions of the frustrations of Republican Moderates against the Republican Right wing nuts. 

Its' written by Anthony J. Chibbaro

The Soviet Union crushed the Hungarian Revolution and Republican President Dwight Eisenhower wisely stayed out of it - instead of starting WWIII - he did the same when the Soviet Union crushed the Czech Uprising.

The INSANE Repubilican NeoCon warmongers in the Republican Party would have US go to war with Russia over the Ukraine.

The same Republican NeoCon insane warmongers who LIED US into wars with Iraq and Afghanistan.

I guess Russia does NOT understand - it is ONLY the US Empire that can conduct wars - illegal and unnecessary - against countries all over planet Earth.

So Britain came to Poland's aid after Germany attacked that country - after Britain's offer of aid caused the Anti-Semetic Government of Poland to cease negotiations with Germany to return the German city of Danzig back to Germany - taken away after WWI - Germany attacked. The net result for Poland? - Soviet domination for 60+ years - WWII.

Sorry - but while Ann Coulter makes valid criticisms of DemocRAT Presidents - the Ukraine is NONE of our business.

As to Khrushchev - described by Richard Nixon as have the sharpest quickest brightest mind of any leader with who he interfaced.

While I am NOT a fan of Obama - I detest the Republican NeoCon warmongers.

Anthony C.

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