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Friday, December 14, 2012

What's the Republican problem?

I just got this in email, of course, it is has the political tones, but still, the Republican leadership is not in touch with the public. Are they looking to give up in 2014?


The petition reads:
"Join your Republican colleagues who support the Violence Against Women Act, and pass the Senate version immediately."
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Dear Mike,
Ten Republicans in the House have broken rank with their party and are now joining Democrats in support of reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. It's time to increase the public pressure on the other 231 Republicans in the House who, in an appalling act of extremist intransigence, are blocking a bill which should pass with broad bipartisan support.
Women's lives are at risk, and there is no more time for partisan delay.
Outrageously, news reports coming out of Washington, DC suggest that Rep. Eric Cantor, a member of Republican leadership in the House, is blocking a vote until a key protection for Native American women is stripped from the bill.1
In response, Rep. Gwen Moore of Wisconsin wrote a letter to House Leadership asking for an immediate vote on the Senate version of the Violence Against Women Act.2 In a cowardly move, House Republicans are refusing to hold a vote on the bill so they don't have to go on record voting against fundamental protections for battered women. Instead, Republicans rammed through a fake version of the Violence Against Women Act. But luckily, women's advocates in Congress have held firm and that sham vote didn't work to take the heat off Republicans in the House.
Ten Republicans signed Rep. Gwen Moore's letter to House leadership supporting an immediate vote on the real Violence Against Women Act reauthorization.3 Momentum is now on our side. We need to shame the remaining Republicans, and pressure them to allow an up-or-down vote on the bill.
VAWA is an incredibly popular and successful program that has reduced domestic violence rates by 58% since it was first passed in 1994. And it was approved in bipartisan votes every year since it was originally passed — until Republicans began using it as a leverage tool to get what they want.
House Republicans have voted for shameful bills to redefine rape, defund Planned Parenthood, and to let women die. Still, despite their appalling record on women's issues, you might think that Republicans in Congress would have some concern for domestic violence survivors. You'd be wrong.
Republican leadership in the House have the ability to immediately call a vote on the Violence Against Women Act, and reauthorize the protections that are making a critical difference. But for the sake of pushing an extremist agenda through the House and holding protections for women hostage in the process, he's putting the lives of women at risk — like the 34% of Native American women who are victims of attempted or completed rape in their lifetimes.
Tell Eric Cantor and extremist House Republicans: Stop blocking the Violence Against Women Act. Click below to automatically sign the petition:
Thank you for standing up for women.
Becky Bond, Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets
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1. Jennifer Bendery, "Violence Against Women Act: Eric Cantor, Joe Biden In Talks Amid Stalled Tribal Provision." Huffington Post, 12/6/12.
2. Jennifer Bendery, "Violence Against Women Act: John Boehner, Eric Cantor Pressured By Republicans To Act." Huffington Post, 12/11/12.
3. The Republican members of Congress who signed Rep. Gwen Moore's letter demanding an immediate vote on Violence Against Women Act reauthorization were: Reps. Judy Biggert (Ill.), Ted Poe (Texas), Richard Hanna (N.Y.), Joe Heck (Nev.), Patrick Meehan (Pa.), Robert Dold (Ill.), Chris Gibson (N.Y.), Jon Runyon (N.J.), David Reichert (Wash.) and Michael Fitzpatrick (Pa.)

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