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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Republicans need to back off from attacking Hillary Clinton.

It will be to their detriment and ultimately to the detriment of the nation. 

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is being grilled by the house foreign relations committee… as an American, I applaud this process; no one is free from Criticism, and she needs to answer all the questions diligently. This is how democracy works and I am proud of our democracy. Hillary needs to answer and she will tell the truth, but don't play dirty politics, it will be to the detriment of Republicans.  

However I condemn the dirty politics played by a few stinking Republicans, just a few dirty rats, they could not get over the idea of a Black man heading the nation and to show that they are not, they are sticking the worst guys in our face like that bigot Allen West and others.  A majority of Americans are happy that we have one of the greatest presidents.

They tried to nail Obama over Benghazi including McCain, the American public said, screw you Republicans, and sure as hell voted for Obama with a higher margin ever.

Now they will do everything to derail Hillary's chances, and are attempting to stick Benghazi on Hillary, it will not stick; the Americans already have their middle finger ready to show to my fellow Republicans who have 26% approval rating. Do the idiots get it? No. We have four Americans dead, while the CIA is working on finding the criminals; Republicans are bent on making Hillary the scape goat. She is firm and fair, and in the end Republicans (those) will pay for it dearly in 2014.

Hillary is the most capable national and international leader now, thank God, she is a woman, and we need a woman president to complete American transaction of living the vision of the immortal declaration by our founding fathers, that all men are created equal.  That will make America God's own country, where every American is treated fairly. There is not a Republican who can match her abilities to run this nation. If there is one, it would be either John Huntsman or Colin Powell and other radicals will not make it, unless they are sensitized and are given lessons in math and biology.

I am a Republican and am embarrassed with the way, a few assess in my party act. I will get on board with Colin Powell, John Huntsman, Chris Christie and a few other great Republicans with whom I relate. We have to be bold to save the GOP from these extremists.

We need to preserve our democracy by having a strong two party system - meaning one house remains with the Republicans and the other with Democrats - both with bare majority - we need them to fight, argue and discuss and do the right thing, rather than slam dunking or becoming a hindrance to the good bills.

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