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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Obama is too civilized to give them the finger.

We the Republicans are losing everywhere, not necessarily because Obama is doing the right things, but because we are doing all the dumb and stupid things.

As a Republican, it is my duty to speak out against the non-sense in my party, and if we don't  guard the fall, then I will be letting us die a slow death. I am worried about 2014. I have a feeling we will lose a lot of these disgusting Republican Senators and Congressional Republicans.

Nearly 92% of Americans want background check on gun sales, and what do these idiots do, vote against it. On the top of it, on the equal pay for women 22 of these idiots in Senate and 138 in Congress vote against it. They simply don't get it and will lose big time in 2014. I hate to see that happen, we need to have each house in different party's hands, and with a simple majority and not a bully majority. Americans in general, and Republicans in particular need to dump these creeps.
We need our representative to represent our sentiments and our needs and not be sell themselves cheaply to lobbyists.

John McCain, Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham expressed their belligerence in the nomination process of Chuck Hagel and John Brennan. Obama is too civilized to show them his finger. Furthermore Obama does not want to waste time in engaging in unnecessary debates and that makes him a winner against these losers. Dianne Feisenstein had to literally tell Graham to shut up during the hearings. 

Masters in Rudeness
There is not a day that goes by without a stupid comment from a Republican. The only saving grace is Rand Paul and Ted Cruz who fried Eric Holder in giving an answer. If I were Obama, I would tell Eric not to waste public’s money. If a question is asked, damn it give a straight answer and don’t dance around it. Just tell it like it is, we do not kill American Citizens on our land, any conditions, period. 

We the Republicans were disgraceful in not acknowledging the lowering unemployment figures of 7.7%, we are so hateful towards Obama that we don’t’ even want to give him the credit. It is as if we wanted Americans to suffer and not have the job, we are on the path of self destruction. I hope we the moderates can speak out strongly and save our party.

Today some of the Republican nuts send me a link where Michelle Obama selected singer Adele to sing on her 50th birthday. Now they are picking on her. The Americans have voted them in, and simply accept it. She is not doing anything different than Laura, Barbara, Nancy, Rosalyn or Jackie. I think we should rise above pettiness.

When we don't have something substantial, we resort to these. I am the best thing Republicans can ever get; I do not praise them when they display their stupidities, and I speak up and keep waking them up so they don’t lose out big in 2014. 

We cannot afford jerks like Bachman itching non-stop to defund Obama care, it is there, accept it and move on. Don’t waste our time in chasing the losing causes. I really feel sorry for the Minnesotans for electing her.

Mike Ghouse is a moderate Republican, who see through the stupidities of the party and speaks out. He cares about checks and balances and does not want the Republican Party to be slaughtered in 2014. We need to have strong two party systems to have stability in our policies.

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