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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Republican ad gone viral - it is worth watching

Incredible Message!

This is a timely (hh ha) ad indeed.

In fact, I left Republican Party for similar reasons; it is not what the individuals did or said that mattered to me, it is the silent approval by the majority that mattered to me.  What good are they if they take shit and live in it neck deep with no guts even to taunt the extremists.

 Politics is a proportionate part of my life, as a result I did not want to spend as much time fighting the rascals, so I asked myself, am I with a party who have a similar share of extremists like all other groups, which would have been ok, but here the whole system was in deep shit.  So I chose to go independent.

Pluralism runs in my veins and that is where I will put a greater part of my time, but with Trump in the forefront, Pluralism in politics get activated in me, and I have been on Fox, NPR and several radio stations about Trump, not as a Muslim but as an American.

Over 8 articles have appeared in major papers so far, and I will do my share of building a cohesive America where no American has to live in fear of the other.

Islam does not hate America  -

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