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Saturday, May 16, 2015

GOP Candidates always low on intelligence, here is CNN

A while back they did not know what GOP stood for, I guess intelligence is not required to be a GOP Candidate - Mike Ghouse
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Donald Trump, Bobby Jindal, and Ted Cruz all picked Ronald Reagan, refusing to give the nod to Democrats or Bushes.
The majority of Republican candidates asked who the greatest living President was picked a man that’s been dead for ten years.
All in all it’s a hilarious look at just how screwed up the Republican field is and just what kind of buffoonery we can look forward to as the primaries arrive. Dontcha just love those Republican debates? Personally I think Chris Moody should moderate. Why listen to two hours of right-wing rhetoric and bible verses when we can all have a good laugh instead?

Watch CNN’s Chris Moody make fools of the Republican GOP candidates.

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